Electrical Repairs and Rewiring in new and older homes

Houston area electrical repair servicesBuying a fixer upper can be a great value. Much of the work can be done by the buyer if they are handy but electrical repair work should always be done by a licensed electrician. We’ve been serving the Houston metro market for many years and through word of mouth put two of our clients in touch with one another. There is an old house in our locality. We came to know that the owner was looking for a buyer since he was moving into a retirement community. We knew this because we were on good terms with the owner and had gone to his house many times for minor electrical fixes. Incidentally, sometime earlier, one of our past clients wanted to move into the Houston area and he had asked if we happen to know anyone selling. We suggested that they each speak to one another and that the person interested in that part of Houston look at the older house.

Helping with the electrical work on a fixer-upper home

It was a great fit, the client called us and told us that he had bought the house. We had told him that the house needed a complete electrical revamp. So we were not surprised when the client asked us to undertake the project.

We went over and reviewed the changes needed as well as all elements of the electrical inspection that were performed before he purchased the home. We saw that the house, being quite old, needed new outlets, lighting and new switches. We made a list of all the changes that had to be made and gave an estimate for the total project. The client agreed and we began the work. We actually finished rewiring the whole house and all other work inside of a month.

Call for world class electrical services in Houston

We knew what to do then (fixer-upper house project) because we work on many older homes and make them seamless turnkey electrical projects. Every project is a fresh page for us and we focus on the unique needs of all our clients. Our electricians are some of the best in Houston. If we cannot solve an electrical problem, probably no one else can.

If you want us to perform electrical repairs or other electrical services in your home, please give us a call at 713 433 7000 today.

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